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Safeguarding – Anti-bullying



Bullying of any kind is not permitted within the Club providing playing opportunities for children and young people.

The RFU is a ‘telling’ culture and anyone who knows that bullying is happening is expected to tell the Club Safeguarding Officer.

Bullying will be taken seriously, responded to promptly, and procedures followed to deal with the situation.

It is the responsibility of every adult working in rugby union whether professional or volunteer, to ensure that all young people can enjoy the sport in a safe enjoyable environment.

What is bullying?

Bullying is the use of aggression with the intention of hurting another person. Bullying results in pain and distress to the victim.


Objectives of the policy

All Club members, coaches, volunteers and parents should have an understanding of what bullying is.

All Club members, coaches and volunteers should know what the RFU/CB/Club policy is on bullying, and follow it when bullying is reported.

All players and parents should know what the RFU/CB/Club policy is on bullying, and what they should do if bullying arises.

Players and parents should be assured that they will be supported when bullying is reported.


Signs and Symptoms

A child may indicate by signs or behaviour that he or she is being bullied.

Children and Young People have described bullying as:

Other signs and symptoms

A child who

These signs and behaviours may not constitute bullying and may be symptoms of other problems. Club/CB members, coaches and volunteers need to be aware of these possible signs and report any concerns to the Club Safeguarding Officer.

Procedures and Management of Bullying

1. Report bullying incidents to the Club Safeguarding Officer

2. Parents may be informed and asked to come in to a meeting to discuss the problem.

3. If necessary and appropriate, police will be consulted.

4. If mediation fails and the bullying is seen to continue the Club/CB/RFU can initiate disciplinary action under the relevant constitution.

Implementing anti-bullying procedures

Raise Awareness

Raise awareness with all members and players within the club: